This site allows you to get all the latest info on UK street dance group Diversity. On this page you can check out all the latest things that are happening, and using the links above you can find out about Diversity and watch some video clips to see them in action.

Please note that this is an unofficial site. Please make sure you visit their official site by clicking here.

That's right folks, everyone's favourite four legged canine superhero (well okay, he might not actually have super powers) is coming to a brand new game. You'll be able to help Barry complete an obstacle course whilst out for a walk in the woods. Think you can achieve the fastest time?

New App Coming Soon

We will be launching a brand new mobile app soon for iOS and Android devices. The app will include:

  • The latest news
  • Details of tours and other events
  • Information on the group
  • Timeline of Diversity

The new timeline that will feature in the app will allow you to scroll back through the last 7 years and find out everything the guys have done. Videos and pictures will also be available from all major events and shows that they have taken part in.

Keep your eyes peeled for the app which will be coming soon...

We are creating a brand new site called JordanandPerri.com which, as the title suggests, will feature everything relating to Jordan and Perri.

The site will have clips from Block Party, Got to Dance, and will also feature and interactive map of Los Angeles where you can explore all the locations they visited at the KCA's and also watch all their video clips from their time out there.

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